Singita Pamushana
Wildlife | May 2016

Stories from the Land of the Long Grass

The Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve is set on 130,000 acres of pristine wilderness in southeastern Zimbabwe, bordering Gonarezhou National Park. It is a diverse and beautiful piece of Africa that is…
General | March 2016

Hitting the Game Drive Jackpot

Every month, our field guides write a Wildlife Report which details the previous few weeks’ animal sightings, as well as notable birds and plants, rainfall in the region and changes…
Singita Pamushana Lodge Lounge - high res
Wildlife | January 2016

Creatures Great & Small: Picasso Bug

If ever there was a creature that was the perfect complement to the vibrant colour palette of Singita Pamushana Lodge, then the Picasso bug is it! This living objet d’art…
Highlights from our Wildlife Reports - Singita
Wildlife | August 2015

Highlights from our Wildlife Reports

If your morning routine doesn’t involve a sunrise game drive and a steaming cup of coffee overlooking the waterhole, then a close substitute would be catching up on our latest…
Banded mongoose at Singita
General | June 2015

Creatures Great & Small: Banded Mongoose

Most safari enthusiasts who have spent some time out on game drive will be familiar with the sight of a small, furry creature darting into the undergrowth as the vehicle…
Wildlife | May 2015

Introducing the Shishangaan Lions

If you follow our Facebook page or are an avid reader of our monthly Wildlife Reports, you will no doubt have seen the thrilling news of the recent birth of…
Mopane moth | Singita Kruger National Park
Wildlife | April 2015

Creatures Great & Small: Mopane Moth

Southern Africa is home to a very interesting tree that is host to an even more interesting insect. The mopane tree grows in hot, dry, low-lying areas and has distinctive…
Leopard tortoise at Singita
General | December 2014

Creatures Great & Small: Leopard Tortoise

My partner, a tracker named Johnston, is quick to spot wildlife and fun… With his hand raised to stop the vehicle, we stare at his movements and look in the…
Monthly Wildlife Reports from Singita Grumeti
Wildlife | October 2014

Highlights from our Wildlife Reports

The next best thing to being in the bush yourself has to be catching up on the monthly Wildlife Reports, written and photographed by our field guides. Staggering landscapes, noteworthy…