Wildlife | May 2010

The Great Migration

The great migration is an ancient phenomenon and it lies at the very heart of the Serengeti ecosystem. The Great Migrations (image courtesy of La Lince) Each year (during the…
Lodges and Camps | May 2010

Bateleur Eagles in the Serengeti

Singita Grumeti Reserves boasts an exceptional selection of bird life. There are enough eagles, vultures and other large birds to keep the novice birders interested and an excellent array of…
General | May 2010

Did you know?

Wildebeest can smell rain over 50km’s away.
General | May 2010

Did You Know?

All three Singita Grumeti Reserves lodges come complete with their own gyms. This allows guests to ensure that their fitness regime continues in the Serengeti.
Lodges and Camps | May 2010

How do we get to Singita Grumeti Reserves?

The question we get asked most frequently, about trips to the Singita Grumeti Reserves, is: How do we get there? The perception that it’s difficult to reach to Singita Grumeti…
Lodges and Camps | May 2010

Singita Grumeti Reserves

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit Tanzania or, maybe like us, Geography wasn’t your strongest subject at school we’ve included a map of the area. — Singita…
General | May 2010

The Singita Blog in May

We have decided to focus our May blog posts on Singita Grumeti Reserves in Tanzania. The obvious reason for this is that the famous annual wildebeest and zebra migration passes…
Environment | April 2010

Singita and its Environment

Singita is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of the African wilderness. We believe that our untouched and expansive surrounding and the exceptional selection of wildlife – found in Singita…