General | September 2010

A must for any bucket list

The Great Migration, which makes its way through the Singita Grumeti Reserves, has to be one of the top 10 awe-inspiring natural phenomenons. The fact that two million wildebeest and…
Lodges and Camps | July 2010

An Out of Africa Moment

Nothing can beat sunset in the bush surrounded by the sounds at dusk on high volume. Something that we often do to surprise our guests at Singita is to whisk…
Wildlife | June 2010

Impala and Baboons – Catering and Security

The impala and baboons enjoy an interesting symbiotic relationship. When you visit Singita Grumeti Reserves you’ll seldom find one without the other. — The baboons are, by their very nature…
General | June 2010

Did you know?

A ‘friend’ in Kiswahili is a: rafiki
Lodges and Camps | June 2010

Environmental Centre – Inspiring Past Students

Keeping past students inspired, and therefore actively involved in improving their surroundings, has been key to the success of the Singita Grumeti Fund Environmental Centre and the course it offers.…
Lodges and Camps | May 2010

The Singita Grumeti Fund Environmental Centre

At Singita Grumeti Reserves the Grumeti Fund has established an Environmental Centre. This centre runs an ecology course for the top six grade 11 geography and science students at a…
Lodges and Camps | May 2010

Five Rhinos Relocated to Tanzania!

Five critically endangered eastern black rhino, from South Africa, arrived in the Serengeti yesterday as part of the ‘most ambitious wildlife relocation in East Africa over the past 50 years’.…
Lodges and Camps | May 2010

Simply Tanzania

Singita Grumeti Reserves offer guests a series of unique African safari experiences. Singita Sasakwa Lodge overlooks the expansive Serengeti and provides guests with an intoxicating view of the plains. While…
General | May 2010

Did you know?

At Singita Grumeti Reserves we employ a permanent paramedic and doctor.