Map & Directions

Your Journey To Reach Us

By Air

We can arrange scheduled flights or private charters for your trip. All flights land at Singita’s airstrip located 10 minutes from the house

On scheduled flights, the weight of luggage is restricted to 15kg (33lb) for checked baggage and 5kg (11lb) for hand luggage

Kilimanjaro – Singita: approximately 2 hours, 15 minutes

Arusha – Singita: approximately 2 hours

Private aircraft pilots land at their own risk and are advised to broadcast their intentions on frequency VHF channel 118.45. Planes that can land at Singita’s airstrip: Beechcraft 1900; King Air; Cessna 406, 402, 404; Twin Otter and Grand Caravan.

Latitude: 02° 04” 36’ S
Longitude: 34° 30” 56’ E
Elevation: 4 400 ft
Surface: Compacted Murram
Length: 1 410 m for take-off AMSL
Direction: 120° 300° (12/30)

By road

From Arusha: approximately 7 hours (+/- 300km)
From Kilimanjaro: approximately 8 hours (+/- 350km)

map one
map two

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