Horsback Safari at Singita Grumeti
Wildlife | February 2015

Daily Diary: Singita Grumeti Horseback Safari

The rumble of hooves across the Serengeti isn’t always the result of millions of animals moving across the plains during the annual migration; often it is our guests enjoying an…
Top 10 most liked photos on Instagram
Wildlife | February 2015

Top 10 Most Liked Photos on Instagram

This leopard mother and cub photo by field guide and photographer Ross Couper, posted on Friday afternoon, quickly became the most ‘liked’ image on Singita’s Instagram page. Ross is also…
Hippo by Ross Couper | Singita Kruger National Park
Wildlife | January 2015

Highlights from our Wildlife Reports 2014: Part Two

In yesterday’s post we shared the highlights from our monthly Wildlife Journals from the first half of 2014. These diary entries, penned by our field guides in the bush, document…
Leopard tortoise at Singita
General | December 2014

Creatures Great & Small: Leopard Tortoise

My partner, a tracker named Johnston, is quick to spot wildlife and fun… With his hand raised to stop the vehicle, we stare at his movements and look in the…
Sunrise in the Serengeti
Wildlife | December 2014

Sunrise in the Serengeti

For some people, the day begins when the train passes by in the distance or a high-pitched alarm pierces the early morning quiet. They get moving with a cup of…
Tanazina's Serengeti - A Year-Round Destination
Wildlife | October 2014

Tanzania’s Serengeti – A Year-Round Destination

The Serengeti in Tanzania is inextricably associated with the annual wildebeest migration in the imagination of most travellers in search of the ultimate African safari. However, once the wildebeest have…
Monthly Wildlife Reports from Singita Grumeti
Wildlife | October 2014

Highlights from our Wildlife Reports

The next best thing to being in the bush yourself has to be catching up on the monthly Wildlife Reports, written and photographed by our field guides. Staggering landscapes, noteworthy…
General | October 2014

The Story of Eksoni Ndlovu

Like many of the trackers who work at Singita, Eksoni Ndlovu grew up in a small rural community near the Kruger National Park. He learned the basics of tracking and…