The pastry chef is fully responsible for the preparation of pastry items to set standards and carry out assigned kitchen duties in line with the Singita Standard and is accountable to the Head Chef for these.


The main purpose of the pastry chef is to ensure that the pastry section produces the necessary breads, croissants, Danish pastries, ice creams, sorbets, cakes, biscuits and deserts integral to the daily menus and essential to the guest dining experience. These should be produced and presented to the standard expected by the guests of a world-class establishment.

Portion control must be exercised according to the number of guests dining and stock rotation in terms of the mise-en-place used in preparation of dishes. All kitchen equipment must be cared for, with breakages kept to an absolute minimum. Any
equipment maintenance issues must be reported to the Head Chef immediately.

The pastry chef is also responsible to continually grow in terms of pastry knowledge and skills and to discuss any training requirements with the Head Chef. The pastry chef must adhere to health and hygiene standards and ensure that they play their part in the recycling process.

Finally, the pastry chef must handover all responsibilities and requests to the assigned chef, in their absence.

Scope of work
In broad terms the pastry chef oversees the following key result areas:

  1. Effective daily management of the pastry kitchen in line with Singita Standards of Excellence
  2. Produce new and innovative ideas for enhancing the guest experience and to complement the work done by the other sections of the kitchen
  3. Create and maintain a set of recipes which should be used to produce Pastry section items on a continuous basis
  4. Timeously and accurately order necessary ingredients to enable the section to produce the required items
  5. Ensure that the cleanliness and hygiene of the pastry kitchen is of the highest standard
  6. Ensure that the Pastry section contributes to ability of the kitchen as a whole to operate within budget, with minimal wastage and costs.
  7. Correct use and maintenance of kitchen equipment
  8. Maintaining fridges and stores to the highest hygiene and stock rotation standards
  9. Communication with kitchen and lodge front of house staff to ensure the smooth running of the department
  10. Training and Development in terms of kitchen skills
  11. Achieving service excellence though Teamwork

As such the person filling this position needs to have:

  1. A minimum of 6 year’s work experience – ideally 3 as a trainee and 3 in a well-recognized establishment
  2. A passion for pastry
  3. A co-operative and hardworking nature
  4. Creativity and willingness to be innovative
  5. Reliability
  6. Organizational ability
  7. Zimbabwean Residency, Work Permit or Citizenship

Standard Company Benefits:

  • On site clinic and visiting doctor
  • Annual Bonus—at discretion of management and subject to financial capability.
  • Live in accommodation
  • Meals provided
  • Uniform provided
  • Share in gratuity pool

Negotiable Issues:

  • Start date
  • Salary – depending on skill base and experience