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Singita Sabi Sand

January 2014 - Sabi Sand, South Africa

The best time to come on safari is… Article by Dylan Brandt

Right now! The Sabi Sand Wildtuin is a special piece of land perfectly placed for exceptional game viewing all year round. One often hears that the best time to come on safari is in the winter. The bush will be dry so spotting animals will be easier, true. There is perennial water on the property where elsewhere water is scarce and the animals are drawn to these parts, true. But what about summer and the ‘wetter’ season? To the west of the Sabi Sand Wildtuin lies the Drakensburg mountain range and it is this mountain range and the moist air blown over the warm Mozambique current off shore that creates an oasis below. When this moist air hits the mountain the air rises and condenses to form clouds, these clouds now full of moisture fall east of the mountains and release rain throughout the lowveld where we are, leaving much of the highveld a semi desert.


Download the full wildlife report here: Singita Sabi Sand Wildlife Report January 2014


  • Average minimum 18.0˚C (64.4˚F)
  • Average maximum 30.0˚C (86.0˚F)
  • Minimum recorded 12.0˚C (53.6˚F)
  • Maximum recorded 39.0˚C (102.2˚F)


  • For the period: 91 mm
  • For the year to date: 508 mm

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