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The Singita Wildlife Report

First-hand ranger reports from the bushveld

Singita Pamushana

April 2014 - Pamushana, Zimbabwe

A babysitter was around, but not engaging with the two hyena cubs in its charge. The rest of the clan hadn’t returned from the night’s hunting and scavenging, bearing a bone or scraps, full of compelling unknown smells, whooping their return calls or performing the greeting ritual, and as a result the two cubs were thoroughly bored – as bored as only two mischievous hyena cubs can be…It was a little chilly, dew clung to the leaves and the sun was slow in getting up for the day. The scene was set for one of the most memorable mornings I’ve had at a den-site.

Download the full wildlife report here: Singita Pamushana Wildlife Report April 2014


  • Average minimum 18,3°C (64,9°F)
  • Average maximum 28,4°C (83,2°F)
  • Minimum recorded 15,6°C (60,0°F)
  • Maximum recorded 33,9°C (93,0°F)


  • For the month: 12,4 mm
  • For the year to date: 483,4 mm

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