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The Singita Wildlife Report

First-hand ranger reports from the bushveld

Singita Pamushana

June 2013 - Pamushana,

It’s been another great month of sightings – some fleeting, some enduring, but never guaranteed. Visuals that we can promise are the priceless time-honoured paintings that adorn some of the sandstone cave walls on Singita Pamushana’s Malilangwe Reserve. Malilangwe has had a long history of human occupation, from the early hunter-gatherers to the more recent agro-pastoralists. Each of these groups has left behind evidence of their presence and preservation of the San rock art and other sites of cultural interest is a conservation priority. In addition, Kambako Living Museum of Bushcraft has been set up on the border of the reserve to preserve the vanishing bushcraft skills of the local Shangaan people. A must for all guests is a visit to Kambako. You’re invited to glimpse the past and marvel at human ingenuity as this fascinating community takes you through their age-old solutions of hunting, forging spear heads, making fire, preparing food, crafting pottery and so much more…

Download the full wildlife report here: Singita Pamushana Wildlife Report June 2013



  • Average minimum 11,6°C (52,8°F)
  • Average maximum 26,8°C (80,2°F)
  • Minimum recorded 08,7°C (47,6°F)
  • Maximum recorded 32,7°C (90,8°F)


  • For the period: 0.2 mm
  • For the year to date: 354 mm

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