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The Singita Wildlife Report

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Singita Grumeti

July 2013 - Grumeti, Tanzania

Dry, dry, dry!

It seems like only yesterday when we were writing the April report with the theme: “Wet, wet, wet!” The month of July is the peak of the dry season at Singita Grumeti, but with the dry weather comes great game viewing. Because of the lack of rain, access to water diminishes and the game begins to concentrate itself around the many water holes, drainage lines and pans around the reserves. What is more fun than watching elephants swimming? We’ll give you the answer: NOTHING! Almost every day in July herds of elephants from various reaches of the reserve would congregate at Sasakwa Dam, which now has three permanent inhabitants… (more on that later.) After quenching their elephant-sized thirst (on average they drink 60 litres of water a day) they would enjoy a swim, playing and splashing around with one another.

Download the full wildlife report here: Singita Grumeti Wildlife Report July 2013


  • Average minimum 32.7 °C (90.8°F)
  • Average maximum 13.3°C (55.9°F)
  • Minimum recorded 0.0˚C (0˚F)
  • Maximum recorded 0.0˚C (0˚F)


  • Sasakwa 0
  • Sabora 0
  • Faru Faru 0
  • Samaki 0
  • Risiriba 18.0 mm

  • Debby Visconti

    The most beautiful place on earth!
    The most wonderful day of my life!

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