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Singita Grumeti

February 2014 - Grumeti, Tanzania

Senior Guide Joe spotted this big male lion while out near Faru Faru. He saw it walking along alone in the distance, and drove closer to get a better look. When he was at a good viewing distance from the large cat he noticed an unusual feature – the tufted black tip of this lion’s tail was missing. The Singita Grumeti guides know all the lions and the pride movements in the area, and seeing an unknown lion is rare, yet Joe had never seen this male before. Because he is a stranger to the area, it is hard to know the details of how he lost the tip of his tail. The most likely situation is that it was bitten off by another full grown male during a territorial dispute, but really, anything is possible, and we’ll never know the full tale of the tip of the tail.

Download the full wildlife report here: Singita Grumeti Wildlfie Report February 2014


  • Average maximum 33.8
  • Average minimum 15.3
  • Average wind speed 0.2 m/s


  • Sasakwa 80.4
  • Sabora 45.5
  • Faru Faru 49.5)
  • Samaki 90
  • Risiriba 49

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