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Singita Sabi Sand

May 2011 - Sabi Sand, South Africa

Whilst the early part of the month was characterised by mild weather, similar to what was experienced in April, this was to come to an abrupt end in the middle of the month. There was no doubt that winter had arrived! Jackets, beanies and gloves have now become an essential part of game drive attire, as have the hot water bottles that are provided by the lodge for the chilly morning drives.

I had forgotten just how beautiful the winter mornings are. Although it is difficult to drag oneself out of the comfort of one’s bed on the cold, dark winter mornings, experiencing the African sunrise from the deck of one of the lodges, coffee mug in hand, makes it all worthwhile.

My favourite is standing on the lower deck of the lodges watching the mist rise off of the Sand River, as the sun rises in the background.


  • Average Minimum:11°C (52°F)
  • Average Maximum:24°C (75°F)
  • Minimum Recorded:4°C (39°F)
  • Maximum Recorded:27°C (81°F)


  • For the period:6 mm (0 in)
  • For the year to date:740 mm (29 in)

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