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2015 – A Great Year for Family Travel

February 14, 2015 - Accommodation,Experience,Lodges and Camps

Singita Castleton Family Safari

Singita is the ultimate destination for a family vacation, with 12 diverse lodges and camps scattered across South Africa, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. It is an experience for young and old, who will enjoy interacting with the local flora and fauna, and connecting with local communities.

Singita Castelton (game drive)-1-41

Family safari at Singita

Trend No. 1: Multi-Generational Family Travel
The market for “baby boomers” traveling with their families (grandparents with their children and grandchildren) grew 30% in the past year. Singita’s lodges and camps offer various accommodation solutions for such groups, including a number of private villas, family suites, and exclusive use options.


Giraffes on the Serengeti | Singita Grumeti

Trend No. 2: Active Eco-Tourism
There has been a substantial shift for eco-conscious guests, who are now looking to participate more actively in the preservation of our planet. A visit to Singita allows visiting families to get an intimate look at meaningful projects that are directly impacting the preservation of pristine African wilderness. They are also able to learn about the importance of sustainable practices and see how our dedicated teams protect, maintain and enhance the land and its environment.

Family travel trends 2015

Family safari at Singita

Trend No. 3: Total Immersion
Intrepid travellers are looking for a complete experience; to live the adventure on every level. Visitors to Singita Mara River Tented Camp, which operates “off the grid”, are able to embrace the outdoors and connect directly with nature. Families can visit local community programs or take a class alongside students at the Singita School of Cooking, while the very popular Singita Mini Rangers Course opens up a whole new world to young explorers.

Family safari at Singita

Trend No. 4: Private Villas
The popularity of traditional rooms for families and groups is being eclipsed by the convenience and luxury of private villas. Singita offers just such an experience at multiple locations, including Singita Castleton, a converted farmhouse in South Africa, the tranquil Singita Serengeti House in Tanzania, and Singita Explore, an entire private-use camp set up on the plains of the Serengeti.


The untamed wilderness and magnificent wildlife of Africa is a truly life changing experience no matter one’s age. A safari makes for an unforgettable family holiday, with exhilarating activities for the entire family to enjoy, memories made together that will last a lifetime, and opportunities to learn and grow together. You can check availability at all of our lodges and camps online or contact our Reservations team to find out more.

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A Festive Family Gathering at Singita

December 19, 2014 - Experience,Sabi Sand,Singita Castleton


At a time where solitude is hard to come by and quality time with loved ones comes at a premium, the exclusivity of Singita’s lodges, camps and private-use properties is the ultimate luxury in a fast-paced world. Each location allows us to share a unique part of the world with our guests, while maintaining respect for the natural environment and making a tangible difference in the local communities.

Family time at Singita Castleton

Families visiting Singita during the festive period are especially fortunate to be able to celebrate the season by spending time together in an unforgettable setting. Each of the five regions in which Singita operates offers something different; from the lush riverine landscape of the Sabi Sand and pristine wilderness of the Kruger National Park to the breathtaking grandeur of the Serengeti and tranquility of southeastern Zimbabwe. There can be no better location for a family gathering at this wonderful time of the year.

Family time at Singita Castleton

Each lodge caters for a variety of group activities, including guided safari walks, mountain biking, archery, star gazing, tennis, cooking classes and wine tasting*. Long, lazy afternoons spent by the pool are also a wonderful way to relax in the company of loved ones. Those craving peace and quiet can opt for a spa treatment, a browse around the extensive Boutique & Galleries or work up a sweat in the gym.

Family Christmas at Singita Castleton

Twice-daily game drives provide the perfect opportunity to see incredible wildlife, while spot-lit evening drives reveal the elusive magic of nocturnal Africa. Game drives are all conducted in state-of-the-art Land Rovers, each accommodating a maximum of six guests. During your stay, you are likely to spot a great variety of local flora and fauna, including all of The Big 5; lion, elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros.

Family time at Singita Castleton

Each game drive features a “bush stop” where guests can stretch their legs, enjoy a snack and share a drink or a cup of freshly-brewed coffee. Meals back at the lodge can be shared in the “boma”, in the main dining area or even in your room for the ultimate private dining experience. The kitchen teams prepare mouthwatering dishes using fresh ingredients from the vegetable garden, while others are locally-sourced or homemade by the talented chefs. A visit to Singita and all that it offers is full of unforgettable moments, not least of which are the hours spent together around the table, making guests feel truly at home.

Family time at Singita Castleton

Chat to our Reservations team to find out more about how the staff at each lodge can customize the perfect African Christmas experience for you and your family.

Special thanks to Brian Futter from The Art of Christmas for the festive decor seen in these photos.

*Please visit the website to see which activities are available at each lodge.

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The Perfect Family Safari with Singita

January 08, 2014 - Accommodation,Did You Know?,Experience,Safari

The untamed wilderness and magnificent wildlife of Africa is a truly life changing experience no matter one’s age. A safari makes for an unforgettable family holiday, with exhilarating activities for the entire family to enjoy, memories made together that will last a lifetime, and opportunities to learn and grow together. As the new year begins and you start to plan vacations to take in 2014, you may find that a safari is the ultimate family adventure.

Family Safari at Singita

Historically, a safari was considered to be a trip of a lifetime or a holiday reserved for older people – the baby boomer generation – and child-free travellers. Modern safari-goers now include dual-income younger parents who want to spend their hard-earned vacations with their children, rather than choosing luxury resorts with kids clubs attached. A family safari is a great shared adventure with the potential to strengthen family bonds and create lifelong memories. For some families, it’s also a chance to unplug from the digital world and be immersed in nature for a while. Whether learning how to track and identifying animals or how to spot the Southern Cross in the night sky, going on safari is a unique experience far removed from the demands and distractions of urban life. In the bush, routine and rules are dictated by the realities of sharing space with wild animals and the necessary precautions attached to this. Children’s eyes are opened to a completely different world filled with experiences they could never have at home.

Family Safari at Singita

A shared morning game drive may include a stop to learn more about tracking followed later by a relaxed bush breakfast to allow everyone to stretch their legs. Afterwards, the energetic can walk back to camp with the guide while the tracker drives the rest of the party back to the lodge. Game drives and mealtimes offer plenty of scope for togetherness, but there’s also time to be independent and retreat into the luxury and solitude of your suite.

Family Safari at Singita

Multi-generational parties wanting additional privacy and flexibility are booking Singita’s exclusive-use lodges or camps, such as Singita Castleton (South Africa), Singita Serengeti House (Tanzania), and Singita Explore (Tanzania), set up in prime locations in the Grumeti reserve. For parents travelling with their children, there are special two-bedroomed family suites at Singita Boulders and Ebony Lodges (South Africa) and Singita Faru Faru Lodge (Tanzania). With bigger families or teens, the villa accommodation at Singita Sasakwa Lodge (Tanzania) and Singita Pamushana Lodge (Zimbabwe) is ideal.

Family Safari at Singita

Singita’s approach to family safaris is to steer clear of set, cookie-cutter programs. Instead, fluid itineraries are planned around each family for the duration of their stay, taking into consideration the age of the children and any special interests or requests. “Our guests are well travelled and their children are accustomed to privilege and opportunity wherever they go,” says Mark Broodryk, Singita Sabi Sand’s head guide. “We try shift the focus away from physical ‘stuff’ and highlight the intangible aspects of being here, such as learning a new skill or notching up an exciting experience that will earn them bragging rights with their friends. It’s not about what you have when you are in the bush, but what you know to ensure your survival.”

Family Safari at Singita

Children are welcomed with an age-appropriate survival kit that includes a water bottle and sunscreen – essential items that come with a mother’s stamp of approval rather than an expensive price tag. They are also given a small satchel with Velcro tabs to which they are encouraged to attach badges earned for skills in tracking, fishing, birding, astronomy, botany, survival in the bush and many other activities. These badges are linked to the popular Singita Mini Rangers’ Course (South Africa and Zimbabwe) or Watoto Pori Singita Training Course (Tanzania), which can be extended or edited to suit the length of a family’s stay. These courses cover tracking animals; frogging; butterfly capture and release; astronomy; bush survival techniques; flower-pressing; game-spotting competitions; nature quizzes and a guide’s test. Teens are challenged in different ways, for example getting their hands dirty by helping to plant trees at community schools. Learning basic survival skills, like how to make a fire, find a water source or identify edible plants with medicinal uses, holds universal appeal regardless of age.

Family Safari at Singita

Every aspect of a Singita family safari is individualised, from the most suitable accommodation to meal times and what’s on the menu. It’s a philosophy based on welcoming families, rather than tolerating them. All the lodges have swimming pools, while most also offer tennis, archery and fishing. At Singita Grumeti, capable riders can experience the thrill of a horseback safari. Families who show an interest in community initiatives and education often enjoy visiting local communities, especially the schools. This is another opportunity for parents to expose their children to the realities of life beyond their own privileged existence, while planting seeds of awareness and understanding about other cultures.

Family Safari at Singita

Eating well is central to a memorable safari, especially when taking children into consideration. Thoughtfully put-together snack boxes accompany children on every game drive, providing both diversion and sustenance. In the evening, while parents enjoy an elegant multi-course menu paired to wines from Singita’s extensive cellar, children may request their own mini tasting menu where the emphasis is on fun plating and their favourite flavours. Families also enjoy Singita’s ‘family feast’ style of dining where communal platters of food – roast chicken and a variety of fresh salads, for example – are brought to the table at the same time so that hungry children can eat quickly while the rest of the family settles into a relaxed, sociable meal. The chefs at each lodge are well versed at adapting menus to suit children or meeting special requests for homemade burgers or rolling out dough to bake their own pizzas.

Family Safari at Singita

There are numerous benefits to taking children on safari, not least the unique learning opportunities. In turn, Singita values the opportunity to engage with young people and teach these future decision makers and custodians of the planet about the significance and interconnection of conservation, communities and the low-impact, high-yield model of ecotourism that has proved to be successful in Africa.

Family Safari at Singita

To find out more about family safaris at Singita, please complete our enquiry form and one of our reservations consultants will make contact to assist you with availability and help you to plan your trip.

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Safari Stories: A Fantastic Family Adventure

February 06, 2013 - Accommodation,Experience,Kruger National Park,Lodges and Camps,Safari,Singita Lebombo Lodge

It is a universal truth that joy is doubled when shared, and the same is true of the experience of visiting Singita with your loved ones. A previous guest who traveled to Singita Kruger National Park last year with his wife and two teenage daughters describes the feeling of sharing this unforgettable destination with his family.

Family safari at Singita Kruger National Park

Our lives are full of countless distractions which interfere with opportunities for good family time. It is challenging to find meaningful, trans-generational experiences that bring a family together and create wonderful memories.

We spent three nights with our two daughters at Singita Lebombo Lodge, and in this beautiful environment we shared the most perfect times together. We did special things apart from the more obvious routine of game drives in open vehicles. Most memorable was a walk at dawn that started along the top of a ridge that extends from the edges of the Lebombo mountain range, from there a clamber down the rocks to the N’wanetsi River bank and then under the canopy of the riverine forest beside the river. With the early morning sun rising over the trees and under the expert direction of our accompanying guide and tracker, we saw signs of the nocturnal activities of the night before. The track of a civet, the hop marks of a grey tree frog, fresh elephant dung and the distinctive shuffle tracks of hippo.

The rocky outcrops near Singita Lemombo Lodge

Mark's daughter surveying the scene

We had the excitement of seeing two uncommon species of bird and listened to many different bird calls in the fresh morning air. Our walk took us past caves in the cliffs along the river where white-rumped swifts were returning from their annual intra-African migration and we watched them swoop in and out the caves as they check out and lay claim to last year’s nests. While we were watching the swifts we realised that there was a constant humming noise in the background and further investigation revealed no less than three wild bee hives in cracks in the cliff face. There was a natural spring nearby where fresh water bubbles directly from the earth and flows down to create a life sustaining pool in the otherwise dry river bed.

The view from Singita Lebombo Lodge

Numerous stone age artefacts litter the area and one can imagine how, with the caves for protection and the spring for a reliable water supply, stone age man must have inhabited this gorge in harmony with nature for thousands of years. The girls held the pieces of worked flint in their hands and speculated that the last person to hold that piece of rock may have done so more than ten thousand years ago! We paused and took it all in, nothing had changed except that ancient man was no longer there. Mankind has largely given up this beautiful, simple existence, living with and from nature, in exchange for cities with their noise and stress. Progress? Not so sure.

The game drives were wonderful (we saw herds of elephant, a pride of 28 lion, male lion on a waterbuck kill, lots of rhino and many more) but walking opened up a whole world of interesting things that you miss from the vehicle. We went mountain biking and came across fresh lion tracks (which caused some consternation), we ate dinner under the stars, we breathed the fresh air, we saw sunsets and sunrises and we talked, laughed and loved our time together. It could not have been better.

A walkway at Singita Lebombo Lodge

Singita is extremely family-friendly, with a number of dedicated lodges and camps particularly suited to those travelling in groups and/or with children, including the spectacular new Singita Serengeti House. To find out more about planning a family trip to Singita, please contact enquiries@singita.com or visit our website for lodge availability.

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Taking the Family to Singita Sweni

February 20, 2012 - Accommodation,Experience,Kruger National Park

Increasingly, families are seeking meaningful travel excursions that incorporate the whole family.  People want to interact with local cultures and celebrate the distinctiveness of a destination.  No longer is the travel experience just about seeing a new place. What is important, is to learn a new skill or gain a new understanding about how the world works or how people live in their regions.

Singita Sweni Lodge lends itself perfectly to a family safari.  One of Singita’s ten unique experiences in Africa, Singita Sweni is located in the largest private concession in the Kruger National Park and poised in an ideal position overlooking the Sweni River – where often up to 80 hippos settle themselves in the water right in front of the lodge. The game-rich concession is situated in the far eastern part of the Kruger National Park, which is arguably “the world’s most famous wildlife destination”.

At Singita Sweni Lodge families can enjoy the run of the lodge on an exclusive-use basis to accommodate up to 12 guests in six sumptuous suites.  There are no set schedules or restrictions, so families can slow down in nature together – swop safari stories under the stars, join the lodge staff choir in a traditional dance around the camp fire, or revel in the thrill of a guided bush walk with a Field Guide and Tracker.

The chance to interact with the local community can provide the opportunity to embrace a new perspective – and even transform lives in more ways than one.  One of Singita’s many conservation and community projects is the nearby Singita School of Cooking and a visit to meet these young student cooks takes guests and their children on a wondrous voyage of cultural discovery – where guests can taste local dishes and gain a glimpse into everyday life in the bush.

For more information about a family stay at Singita Sweni Lodge visit, Singita’s website.

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Plan a family safari for summer 2011

February 01, 2011 - Accommodation,Lodges and Camps,Promotion

Now that the bustle of the holidays has passed, it is time to start planning summer family vacations.  What better way to make memories together as a family and discover a unique destination, than a safari in Africa.

When it is summer in the northern hemisphere, countries in Africa are experiencing cool but mild winters which provide excellent opportunities for game viewing and exploration.

Offering four uniquely different locations, Singita can provide a family safari that will meet the needs of grandparents, parents and children of all ages.  Hot air balloon in Tanzania while viewing the migration – and reserve the four bedroom private retreat at Singita Sasakwa with a heated infinity plunge pool and each room with en-suite bathroom.  This retreat also contains a two bedroom nanny flat for extra convenience.  Or plan a trip to Zimbabwe to stay at Singita Pamushana – only six suites and a private retreat tucked cosily into a rocky outcrop overlooking a breathtaking dam and 105 000 acres of private wilderness.  Spend the days on game drives, viewing ancient rock art sites; enjoy tiger fishing on the dam and take canoe trips at sunset.

If South Africa is the destination of choice, Singita not only offers family suites at Ebony Lodge and Boulders Lodge but also Singita Castleton Camp provides an excellent option for big family gatherings.  A luxury homestead with wide verandahs, expansive lounge and dining areas, and six rooms suitable for up to twelve guests at any one time.  Castleton Camp also boasts its own kitchen, chef and private guide.  A perfectly relaxed atmosphere prevades and schedules are completely tailored to match the natural ebb and flow of the day.

To find out more about each destination and our accommodation options for families visit our website and lodge details for more information.  And there’s still time to book our Singita Family Safari promotion and save at Ebony and Boulders – read more.

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