Elephant antics at Singita Sabi Sand
Wildlife | April 2014

Elephant Antics at Singita Sabi Sand

One story from our latest Wildlife Report from Singita Sabi Sand got plenty of attention this week and was shared on various news and social media networks worldwide. It’s easy…
Happy Easter from Singita
General | April 2014

Heri kwa sikukuu ya Pasaka!

No, that isn’t a typo; that’s how you say Happy Easter in Swahili! For the people of Tanzania, where you will find Singita GrumetiĀ and its five lodges and camps, Swahili…
Follow Singita on Instagram
General | April 2014

Highlights from Instagram

One of the many wonderful benefits of visiting one of our 12 lodges and camps in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Tanzania, is that there is never a shortage of photo…
Beekeeping in Tanzania | Singita Grumeti Fund
General | April 2014

Beekeeping for Biodiversity

There has been much written about the plight of bees on a global scale, and the disastrous impact their dwindling populations could have on commercial agriculture and food production. Looking…
Leopards at Singita Sabi Sand
Wildlife | April 2014

A Love for Leopards

As with many South Africans, I grew up visiting game reserves fairly regularly, and going on camping trips in remote locations with my family during school holidays. I completely took…