General | June 2010

Safari Savvy

The stripe pattern on every zebra is unique.
Lodges and Camps | June 2010

The Afro-Gastronaut teams up with Singita Sweni

Chef Bruce Robertson has traversed all corners of the globe; Cape to Cairo by thumb, Vancouver to New York on a ‘little’ bus, and London to Rome by bicycle.  Now…
Wildlife | June 2010

Impala and Baboons – Catering and Security

The impala and baboons enjoy an interesting symbiotic relationship. When you visit Singita Grumeti Reserves you’ll seldom find one without the other. — The baboons are, by their very nature…
General | June 2010

Did you know?

A ‘friend’ in Kiswahili is a: rafiki
Lodges and Camps | June 2010

Environmental Centre – Inspiring Past Students

Keeping past students inspired, and therefore actively involved in improving their surroundings, has been key to the success of the Singita Grumeti Fund Environmental Centre and the course it offers.…